About Us

SANAABiZ Portal, is a product of SanaaBiz Investments Limited, that provides a one-stop marketplace for creative goods and services that express an Afro-themed visual metaphor of East African culture and Identity.

Our niche is Afro-fused fashion and accessories, Afro-themed interior and exterior décor using traditional, up-clyed and recycled techniques.

Our objective is to ensure  East African Afro-themed designers find a market for their goods and services nationally, regionally and international through an e-commerce platform.

SanaaBiz Audio-visual Accelerator

We broker  linkages for conscious and Afro-fusion  musicians in Tanzania to festivals, events and concerts in East Africa and other parts of Africa. We also connect emerging female filmmakers to showcase opportunities at festivals in East Africa and other festivals on the African continent.

SanaaBiz Fashion and Accessories Design Accelerator

We support fashion and accessory design brands by offering advisory support in access to finance and linkages to new markets.

Sanaa Home Decor  Accelerator

We support interior design brands using nature-based materials  by offering advisory support for enhancing their sustainability credentials through eco labels and access to finance,  as well as  linkages to regional and international markets.

We shall offer production space in the near future.

For inquiries feel free to contact us here

Meet Our Team

Ayeta Wangusa

CEO, Director

Angela Kilusungu

Creative Economy Advisor