Vendor Revenue Information

You can now sell your creative goods & services to clients in East Africa and beyond. SanaaBiz enables easy payments via mobile money, debit and credit cards.

Copyright Protection – The compilation of all content on this site is the exclusive property of Sanaabiz Investments Limited. All Intellectual Property Rights, including without any limitations, the right to use, publish, translate, sell or distribute, privately or publically belong to the content creators.

Sanaabiz Investments Limited respects the intellectual property of creatives. If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please contact to request the removal of the infringing content

Trademarks –Vendors will be allowed to use their trademarks on our platform. However,  Sanaabiz Investments Limited will provide eco-labels for products that meet the sustainability criterion, to provide  consumer information on goods and services that promotes sustainable consumption and lifestyles.

Shipping– The platform integrates EMS for courier services for your goods. EMS tariffs will be integrated in the system.

Services -For Service like interior and spatial design, you can market you services through our platform. We shall charge you a commission fee of 18% once you get a booking via our platform.

Smooth payment – Clients can have easy payments via mobile money, debit and credit cards debit and credit cards via Pesapal.

Sales margins – SanaaBiz shares all revenue 70/30 after payment costs with you, the creative entrepreneur. You get 70% and we get 30%. Payment providers costs vary depending on the payment channel used but will be between 2% and 6%.  For Services, you get 82/18. Prices of goods should be VAT inclusive.

Easy content uploading – Uploading photos of goods and services is easy. Simply, sign up to create an account and upload your content. You will be able to access your dashboard at any time to track real time transactions! Sign up now!

Monthly payouts – We pay our creative entrepreneurs on a monthly basis each time their revenue balance hits $ 50-100.

Refund Policy – Refunds will be made, if a delivery is not made. Any refund will be made using your original payment method or another method at our discretion. To claim a refund or for further information please send an email to: